Monday, April 9, 2012

Week of 3/30 - 4/6

So posting everyday kinda went out the window as soon as I started work.  I forgot how crazy everything was when I was working, so I'm going to update once a week instead of daily because it's just too much for me during the week.  I have one more week of 8am-5pm classroom training and then my schedule changes to 10am-6:30pm. I would say that I could post an entry before work, but anyone who knows me knows that I like my sleep and that I'll probably be waking up 20 minutes before I have to leave the house! So without further ado, here's what went on this past week:

3/30 - 4/6

We finally got our tax return which meant that we could now get our new bed!! Off to IKEA we went, and since my car needed brakes we took Mike's car.  It's a good thing we did since I don't think that the V-Dub could have fit everything.

It's going to be a fun hour and a half ride back home!

Don't I look thrilled? Maybe it was because my seat was dangerously close to the airbag because it was the only way our bed would fit in there.

IKEA does offer shipping, but it's really not as "reasonable" as they say it is.
On the way home we stopped at one of the FOUR mattress stores in the area and got a mattress!  It was quick, easy and the sales guy wasn't pushy at all.  It didn't get delivered until Sunday night, but that was alright, because it gave us time to set up the bed and it's a good thing we had that time, because this bed was no where near as simple as my last IKEA bed.

So we started moving stuff around, and right away quality control was on the jobsite, checking everything out.

After the guest room was given the thumbs up, Chester found the perfect spot to supervise from.

                                                            Let the construction begin!

The frame is done!.....That's what they want you to think...
"You should be helping instead of taking pictures"

I think he's sleeping on the job, Chester that is..

"Ok, this looks good!"

And now the fun begins..Each and every one of those little sticks had to be put together by hand slipped into little rubber caps, threaded into that nylon strap that goes across the center. I lost count as to how many there were, but my hands were killing me by the time I was done putting this thing together.  Mike was taking a break and I said I would do this since he had done everything else.  It might have taken me a little longer than it should have since I was watching Pulp Fiction while I was doing this..haha.

Right before we put the slats down.

Taa daa! If you actually felt the sticks, they are kind of thin, but strength in number I guess LOL.

Checking out the new surroundings.

These are the night stands that are made for the bed, and they are actually fastened to the bed (I put these together too :)

How cute is that little face ^_^

Professor cat! (Yes, I know it's blurry)

Yup, ouch.. he did not appreciate that, lol.

So Sunday, I was lazy and didn't feel like cooking so we got some Chili's to go, and we watched "Drive" with Ryan Gosling, I thought it was alright (it was Mike's pick).

For dessert I made a strawberry trifle..yum!

The delivery for our mattress was scheduled for 7-10pm, which I thought was pretty late for a Sunday, but around 8:30 they showed up as promised!

Right before we picked up dinner, Mike and I had stopped at Target to get new sheets, so finally our mattress was here and I could set it all up. Except for one little problem, the packaging said "Queen" but when I couldn't get the fitted sheet on, I got mad and sure enough the tag on the actual sheet said "Full" :(

So while Mike was watching Game of Thrones I ran to Target to exchange the sheets. As I was waiting at the light to turn into the shopping center I was like, "What if they're already is Sunday" (it was after 9pm).  Well that would have just ruined everything, but because Target is so fabulous they were open until 11! So I got the correct sheets and I was finally able to finish the bedding!

Unfortunately we weren't the first ones to sleep in it....

So after all the hard work we did, it was finally time to go to bed, needless to say I did not want to wake up on Monday morning.

Back to the grind...

This makes my second week of classroom training which means one more week to go before they throw me out on to the phones! Ahh! So last week was all about product knowledge, this week we got into the ordering program now a lot of what Mike talks about makes sense to me so that's good.

This week Mike was helping out with training some of our field reps that flew in from all over the country.  This is the training he normally does every year and ends up taking the train down here, but this year he was already here! Since they were training and Mike's co-workers love him so much, I got to eat lunch with them and free lunch is always good no matter what it is.  We had taco salad on Tuesday and fried chicken with broccoli, mashed potatoes and fried okra on Wednesday.  I love when stuff like this happens because its such a good chance to try new foods and not feel bad since I don't have to pay for it.

Thursday and Friday I was on my own for lunch since they had thrown a pizza party to wrap up training for Mike, and Friday he works from home.  It was alright though because I ended up eating lunch with a couple of the people from my class...look at me, making friends lol.  Although Mike wasn't at work on Friday, that's ok because it was my first pay day! Now since this was my first paycheck, it wasn't direct deposited so after work I had to run to the bank and it closed at 6:00.

Our trainer had told us earlier in the week that since some of us were getting actual checks she would let us out a little early so that we would have enough time to make it to the bank after work. Yup, that didn't happen, oh and I also had my car at the dealer getting new brakes and an oil change.  They had already called me twice to let me know my car was ready so at around 4:00 I had lost all concentration, I was sure she was going to let us out early.  The bank closes at 6:00, the dealership closes at 5:30, and I was about 15-20 minutes away from each, and that's without traffic. Wonderful.  She ended letting us out at 4:55, I guess five minutes early is better than five minutes late.  Luckily since everyone in the South is super religious they either didn't go to work, got let out early, or just didn't leave the house since it was Good Friday.  It just worked out perfectly so there was no traffic, I made it from work, to the dealer, the bank and back home by 5:25. I'm awesome, and so was my car now that it has new brakes :)

That pretty much sums up the week, I was so happy the weekend was here because I'm still not feeling this waking up at 6:45am thing.  At least I only have one more week of this then my new shift starts at 10:00am, yay!

Good night!

<3  J


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